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Description===============The latest compatible version is Anki 2.1.49.The add-on needs to be updated to work on Anki 2.1.50+.It's unknown when/if it happens.===============An Anki add-on to batch download pictures from Google Images.1. Open the card browser - select a few cards - menu Edit - Add Google Images.2. Select "Source Field".3. Select "Target Field" instead of "".4. Select how many pictures to download. (optional)5. Set the maximum width or height. (optional)6. Click "Start".If the source field contains cloze deletions, only clozes will be used to search for pictures.By default, multiple pictures will be separated by a space character (" "). It can be changed, for example, to a newline character ("") by editing the "Delimiter" option in the config window (Tools - Add-ons - ... - Config).For Anki 2.1.15The add-on depends on mpv video player to be able to resize pictures. By default, the pictures will be downsized by height to 260 px if mpv video player can be found. On macOS it can be installed via and on Linux it should be already installed with Anki 2.1. On Windows download mpv video player from and update the PATH environment variable.For Anki 2.1.20+The latest version contains a built-in image resizer but requires Anki 2.1.20+, i.e. there's no need to additionally install mpv video player to be able to resize pictures, but mpv is still required to be able to resize gifs.CHANGELOG2019-09-12 Initial version2019-10-18 Add an option to resize pictures2019-10-25 Ignore HTML tags2019-12-31 Download multiple images at the same time2020-01-04 Temporary fix for no module named 'multiprocessing' on Linux.2020-02-18 Make it work again after Google Images were updated2020-02-19 Add support for clozes2020-02-22 Don't resize pictures if mpv is not found2020-02-26 Add option to overwrite non-empty fields2020-03-10 Make Google Images work again and be more lenient2020-04-08 Write images in the main thread2020-04-15 Compatibility fix for Anki 2.1.152020-06-14 Make Google Images work again and be more lenient2020-06-20 Ignore SSL errors2020-07-08 Temporarily added a built-in image resizer (Anki 2.1.20+)2020-07-09 Lazy load external dependencies to prevent update errors - -10-10 Ignore LocationParseError (thanks to Alex)2022-10-10 Fix blank progress bar (thanks to svvvst)2022-10-10 Fix no search results2022-10-21 Bypass EU consent screenNickolay Nonard Download As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

2020-01-04 files.7z


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