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Pied Piper 3 WORK Full Movie In Hindi 1080p

In the tale of Pied Piper, a village is swarming with rats. A man arrives dressed in clothes of pied (a patchwork of colours) and offers to rid the town of rats. To this, villagers agreed to pay a huge sum of money if the piper could do it, which he does. He plays music on his pipe and draws all the rats out of town. When he returns, the villagers refused to pay the money so the Piper decided to rid the town of children too!

Pied Piper 3 full movie in hindi 1080p

The Amazing MauriceMaurice is a sassy, street-smart cat with a sneaky disposition. Together with his band of rats and pied-piper friend Keith, he travels across the countryside, swindling villagers with a staged rat plague. All seems well when the gang sets its sights on a scenic market town, though they quickly realize that something more nefarious is afoot. The town is already plagued by food-snatching rats, a pair of criminals, and a mysterious boss at the heart of the trouble.

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