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Jardinains 2 Full Version Download

It has with various levels meaning that it is ideal for both novices and experts. You will also have a ball which you have full control over such that, in case you fail to put it in the right direction then you can lose the game.

jardinains 2 full version download

Well, after several days of messing around with it, I finally figured out how to get Jardinains 2 to play on my comp! I hafta change my "color quality" (under "properties") from 24 bit to 16 bit to get it to work. Hopefully this helps anyone else having troubles playing the second version. Also I must say, Jardinains 2 is quite fun especially the new powerups but it runs rather slowly (at least on my comp) so the original version is still my favorite!

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Jardinains! has been around in various versions since 2001, when it was one of's most downloaded games. In 2006, Magic Chopstick Games released Jardinains 2!, which took the original concept and added more levels, 'nains, powerups, and fun than ever before.

Great breakout clone. The graphics are a bit cheap, but the gnomes make up for that. Throwing pots at you and laughing as yhou get out, even if they are falling themselves. There are levels, with the beginner level beiong painfully slow and including a barrier allowing ne free hit on the botting for each given spot.The cute music, the different powerups, the ability to restart from the current level, all make this game quite enjoyable. I might have purcahsed the upgrade, but i'm too cheap to spend more than a buck or two.Kudos to the developer!

This "game" is so painfully slow, that it made me ill. I could have made dinner between the times the ball hit the paddles!Everything on my computer runs just fine, and the music and little critters all wiggle and play just fine, it is just that this poor game has the ball move and a pace the snails would think slow. If they could speed it up a bit it might be a lot better, it has the potential, but it slays me how slow it is. On top of that if you bounce the little gnomes X times it will "reward" you with something, but half the time the "reward" slows you down, or makes your paddles half size. I mean really, did this game REALLY need something to make it SLOWER!?!?I think it could have been a great game, if it were not so sadistically slow.

Jardinains 2!: one of the best brickbreaker games available for the Mac. Over 2.5 million downloads worldwide!The 'nains have invaded--and it's up to you to to knock 'em off their blocks!Try the classic arcade game that's enchanted, infuriated, and delighted players of all ages! Use your ball and paddle to break bricks, bounce 'nains, collect bonuses, and dodge flowerpots in this easy-to-learn, impossible-to-put-down game. The Lite version of Jardinains 2! includes a variety of action-packed, reflex-testing levels; catchy music; mischievous 'nains; and nifty powerups. Buy the full version for even more fun, fist-shaking, and excitement! 350c69d7ab

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