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How To Buy Delta Miles

Buy Miles is an online program that allows SkyMiles members to purchase miles for their own SkyMiles account. Simply complete the Buy Miles Purchase Information to begin a transaction. When prompted, enter the number of miles you would like to purchase for your SkyMiles account. Buy miles may only be received into SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one mile since enrolling in the SkyMiles program. Miles awarded by our partner will not satisfy the earned mileage requirement. Miles awarded for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express will satisfy the earned mileage requirement.

how to buy delta miles

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All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide Program & Rules. Taxes and fees for award travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. Award travel seats and complimentary upgrades are limited and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Delta is not responsible for goods or services offered by any companies participating in miles promotions. Partner offers subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. See individual offers for details. Partners, benefits, and offers subject to change. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply.

SkyMiles is a registered trademark of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Delta may change the SkyMiles program rules, change or terminate program partners, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation or mileage levels, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of mileage already accumulated. Delta may also modify or cancel any award, increase the mileage required for any award, modify or regulate the transferability of awards or benefits, add an unlimited number of blackout dates or limit the number of seats available to any or all destinations. Delta has the right to terminate the SkyMiles Program at any time. This Program may be terminated by Delta at any time, with or without notice. All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply.

The SkyMiles Marketplace, which offers a variety of redemption options to SkyMiles Members. Merchandise available in SkyMiles Marketplace is available only to Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion Members, or customers that have an eligible U.S.-based Delta SkyMiles American Express Card (Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card, SkyMiles Gold Business American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, or Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express Card). Merchandise is also only available to Members that are residents of the U.S. 50 and Puerto Rico. All SkyMiles Members that are also residents of the US 50 are eligible to redeem miles in the SkyMiles Marketplace for Delta Gift Cards.

In the event that any Member exceeds the Diamond Medallion Flight Spend threshold and then reaches the Flight Spend threshold for Medallion Status for a second time in the same calendar year, such Member may designate an additional, different individual named on his or her Company Membership account to receive the applicable Medallion Status. All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. To review the rules, visit Membership Guide & Program Rules here. Terms apply: click here for full offer terms. Offers, prices, rules, and benefits subject to change without notice.

There are so many ways for airline loyalty members to earn airline miles. One of the methods that help in generating airline miles is flying on that airline, however, companies now co-branded credit cards which can aid in collecting airline miles. Airlines also let their loyalty members answer surveys in exchange for airline miles, and also accept transfers from hotel reward programs. Basically, there are countless ways to earn Delta airline miles to snag a reward ticket for the holidays. However, there are moments when a customer is stuck in a lurch and needs urgent airline miles. This is where the option of buying airline miles comes in. Is it wise to buy Delta airline miles a couple of weeks before the holiday season? Read on to find out.

Buying Delta airline miles is very simple and there are two ways to go about it. Loyalty members have the option of purchasing airline miles directly from the airline or they can buy them from mileage brokers. One of the best times to buy airline miles is when there is a sale. Yes, even airline miles go on sale. Occasionally, airlines sell their miles at a very low price, and that is a great time to stock up on them. Airlines launch special promotions during the holiday season, and in order to stay updated, you need to sign up for the newsletter.

I received 50K miles from the Delta Gold card signup bonus and would like to cash in. However, this particular flight would take me 3.5K to 5K miles over. Am I able to use my miles and pay the remainder in cash for a Delta flight? If so, how can I accomplish this on their website?

The closest option I know of is that you can use money to buy miles (see the "SkyMiles" tab on the Delta home page). You could buy the additional miles that you need, then book the flight using miles only.

Unfortunately, the pricing for buying miles is pretty unfavorable. You don't get to see the prices until you log in (so they may offer different prices to different people, perhaps depending on elite status), but for me, the price is 3.5 cents (USD) per mile, in 2,000 mile increments. (So you could get 4,000 miles for $140 or 6,000 miles for $210.) I usually figure the fair value of a mile is about 1 cent or less, so these miles are overpriced by a factor of 3.5.

You may want to consider paying cash for this flight (which also gives you the choice of shopping other airlines), and saving your miles until you have either earned some more, or want to go someplace cheaper.

Under the Delta Pay With Miles program, you can purchase Delta flights with a combination of miles and money, but you need to have one of the Delta co-branded American Express cards and purchase your tickets directly from Delta in order to do it. So, if you still have that Delta Gold AmEx, you can do this.

2) Select an option from the Pay With Miles drop-down box on the Trip Summary page (the page you see immediately after selecting your flights.) You will need to be logged into using the SkyMiles account that your Delta co-branded AmEx is tied to in order to see this option (otherwise, it will usually be replaced with an option to apply for one of the cards.)

When using the Pay With Miles option, you are required to redeem at least 10,000 miles in increments of 5,000 miles. The redemption rate is 100 SkyMiles per U.S. Dollar of fare (i.e. $0.01 USD per SkyMile.) You can usually get better value than this by just purchasing an award ticket directly with miles, but sometimes this option can be useful if award ticket availability isn't good.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping helps you to earn miles and save each time you make a purchase at your favorite stores. Since SkyMiles never expire, you can accumulate them now and use them to book flights, hotels and car rentals in the future.

There are more than 1,000 retailers to choose from, and the deals change regularly. For example, you may find a retailer that previously offered 2 miles per $1 spent has a limited-time offer for 3 miles per $1 through the end of the month.

Although rates vary, you can usually expect to earn about 1 to 5 miles per dollar you spend, or at least a couple hundred miles from retailers offering the fixed mile option. Sometimes retailers offer special promotions like extra miles and discounts, so keep an eye out for those to increase your savings.

You can easily maximize your spending through SkyMiles Shopping by choosing retailers with higher rewards rates. Consider holding off on a purchase until the merchant offers more miles per dollar, for example, or see if you can find the same item from another online store with a higher earning rate.

If you have ever looked at the Chase Ultimate Rewards airline transfer partners, you may have noticed that Delta Skymiles is not a direct transfer partner. You may or may not be surprised to learn that you do not need Delta Skymiles to book a flight operated by Delta. If you have transferable Chase Ultimate Rewards points, there are 3 other ways to book Delta flights.

When you use an airline co-branded card, you only earn miles for that airline program. For example, if you only have a Delta co-branded card, you only earn Delta Skymiles. Airline miles generally to not transfer to other airlines; you cannot transfer Delta Skymiles to other airlines. Airline co-branded cards are great for welcome bonuses and for benefits such as free checked bags. For everyday spending, it usually makes more sense to accumulate transferable points such as Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership rewards points.

The advantage to this (as opposed to transferring to airline partners) is that you have lots of options in terms of airlines and routing. You do not have to worry about award seat availability since the ticket is issued as a paid ticket, not an award ticket. This also means that you will actually earn miles for the flight the same way you would on a paid ticket.

The second way to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for flights is to transfer them to airline partners. Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards to airline partners is how you can potentially get more value out of your points. Once transferred, your Ultimate Rewards become miles for the program to which you transfer. You can redeem the miles according to the policies of the airline program. 041b061a72

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