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Learn Computer Oriented Numerical Methods with R.S. Salaria's Book - Programming Exercises and Multiple Choice Questions Included


Computer oriented numerical methods are techniques that use computers to solve mathematical problems that involve numerical calculations. These methods are essential for various fields of science and engineering, such as physics, chemistry, biology, economics, statistics, optimization, cryptography, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

computer oriented numerical methods by rs salaria pdf 140

One of the books that provides a comprehensive coverage of computer oriented numerical methods is Computer Oriented Numerical Methods by R.S. Salaria. This book is written for undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and engineering, as well as for professionals who want to enhance their skills in numerical computing.

Features of the book

The book is organized into 10 chapters, each covering a different topic of numerical methods. The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Oriented Numerical Methods

  • Chapter 2: Errors in Numerical Computations

  • Chapter 3: Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations

  • Chapter 4: Solution of Simultaneous Linear Algebraic Equations

  • Chapter 5: Interpolation

  • Chapter 6: Numerical Differentiation and Integration

  • Chapter 7: Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Chapter 8: Curve Fitting and Approximation

  • Chapter 9: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

  • Chapter 10: Monte Carlo Simulations

The book covers both the theoretical aspects and the practical implementation of numerical methods. It provides formulae for different numerical methods in a simple manner, and also develops algorithms for these methods using pseudo language. It also implements some of the algorithms in C, C++ and FORTRAN languages.

The book also provides a large number of programming exercises to test your understanding and application of numerical methods. It also includes multiple choice questions and review exercises to test your programming skills and prepare you for competitive exams and interviews.

Benefits of the book

The book has several benefits for students and teachers of computer science and engineering. Some of them are:

  • The book helps you to develop a conceptual understanding of numerical methods and their applications in various domains.

  • The book helps you to learn how to design, analyze and implement efficient algorithms for numerical computations.

  • The book helps you to improve your programming skills in different languages such as C, C++ and FORTRAN.

  • The book helps you to prepare for competitive exams such as GATE, NET, CAT, etc., as well as for interviews in software companies.

  • The book helps you to enhance your knowledge and confidence in numerical computing.

How to get the book

If you are interested in getting this book, you have several options. You can either buy it online or offline from various sources, or you can download it for free from some websites.

To buy it online, you can visit websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Google Books, etc., where you can find both new and used copies of the book at different prices. You can also read some reviews and ratings from other buyers before making your purchase.

To buy it offline, you can visit any bookstore near you that sells books on computer science and engineering. You can also ask your friends or teachers if they have a copy of the book that they can lend or sell to you.

To download it for free, you can visit websites such as PDF Drive, PDF Filler, etc., where you can find a pdf version of the book that you can download without any registration or payment. However, be careful about the quality and legality of these websites, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or violate copyright laws.


In this article, we have discussed about computer oriented numerical methods by RS Salaria pdf 140. We have seen what are computer oriented numerical methods, what is the book by RS Salaria, what are its features and benefits, and how to get it online or offline. We hope that this article has helped you to learn more about this topic and motivated you to read this book.

If you want to learn more about computer oriented numerical methods by RS Salaria pdf 140, you can visit this link, where you can find more information about the book, such as its table of contents, index, preview pages, etc. You can also buy or download the book from there if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is computer oriented numerical methods?

Computer oriented numerical methods are techniques that use computers to solve mathematical problems that involve numerical calculations.

  • Who is RS Salaria?

RS Salaria is an author and a teacher who has written several books on computer science and engineering topics. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and a certified software quality professional by Ministry of Information Technology.

  • What are some examples of numerical methods?

Some examples of numerical methods are bisection method, Newton-Raphson method, Gaussian elimination method, Lagrange interpolation method, Simpson's rule method, Runge-Kutta method, least squares method, power method etc.

  • Why are numerical methods important?

Numerical methods are important because they help us to solve complex mathematical problems that cannot be solved analytically or exactly. They also help us to model real-world phenomena that involve uncertainty or randomness.

  • How can I improve my skills in numerical computing?

You can improve your skills in numerical computing by reading books such as Computer Oriented Numerical Methods by RS Salaria pdf 140. You can also practice programming exercises and multiple choice questions based on numerical methods. You can also take online courses or watch videos on numerical computing topics.

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