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UFC Mobile 2: Collect, Compete, and Conquer with Real UFC Fighters

UFC Game Mobile: A Review of the Best MMA Fighting Experience on Your Phone

If you are a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and want to experience the thrill of competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), you should check out UFC Game Mobile. This is a mobile game that brings you authentic UFC action as you collect and compete against real, world-class athletes. In this article, we will review the game and its features, show you how to play and progress in it, and tell you why you should download it today.

What is UFC Game Mobile?

UFC Game Mobile is a mobile game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) that lets you enter the world of professional MMA by putting you in command of athletes competing at the highest level of the sport. You can choose from fighters you know and love from every weight class, and use their signature fight moves to finish fights. You can also engage with live content tied to UFC events, something no other fighting game can offer.

ufc game mobile

The game has many features that make it stand out from other mobile games, such as:

  • HD-quality visuals, intuitive touch controls, and action-packed gameplay that create a unique combat experience for novice and veteran fight fans alike.

  • Level up MMA fighters, each with unique abilities, to increase their strength over time.

  • Fight in campaigns and special events for exclusive rewards. The more you play, the more you earn!

  • RPG gameplay that continuously evolves and progresses as you play.

  • Compete in guilds that match your play style and connect with like-minded players.

  • Battle with teams! Collect, compete, and advance your fighters over time.

How to Play UFC Game Mobile?

The game is easy to play but hard to master. You need to learn how to use the game controls and mechanics effectively to win fights. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

Offensive moves

You can perform offensive moves like striking by tapping and swiping on the screen. Here are some examples:

  • Tapping will throw a light strike and repeatedly doing so will execute a light combo.

  • Swiping right will execute a medium strike; consecutive swipes will prompt a medium combo.

  • Swiping upwards will commit your fighter to throw a heavy strike; multiple swipes will make you perform a heavy combo.

You can also use special moves called abilities when they are available. These are powerful attacks that can turn the tide of the fight. To use an ability, tap the ability icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Each fighter has a unique deck of abilities that unlock and increase in power as you rank up your fighter.

Defensive moves

You can perform defensive moves like dodging and blocking by using two fingers on the screen. Here are some examples:

  • To dodge hits, swipe backwards. This will move you away from immediate striking range.

  • To block, press and hold with two fingers. This will reduce or negate the damage from incoming strikes.

You need to use defensive moves wisely, as they have limitations. For example, you can only backpedal up to a certain distance, and you can only block for a limited time before your stamina runs out. You also need to watch out for your opponent's abilities, as some of them can break through your defense.


As mentioned earlier, abilities are special moves that can give you an edge in the fight. Each fighter has a different set of abilities that reflect their fighting style and personality. For example, Conor McGregor has abilities like "Precision", "Notorious", and "Left Hand", while Khabib Nurmagomedov has abilities like "Takedown", "Ground and Pound", and "The Eagle".

Abilities have different effects and costs. Some abilities deal damage, some heal or buff you, some debuff or stun your opponent, and some do a combination of these. Abilities also consume stamina or energy, which are resources that regenerate over time. You need to balance the use of abilities with your resources and the situation of the fight.

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How to Progress in UFC Game Mobile?

As you play the game, you will earn rewards and progress in various ways. Here are some of the things you can do to improve your fighters and your game experience:

Leveling up fighters and abilities

You can level up your fighters by using training points, which are earned by playing fights or completing objectives. Leveling up your fighters will increase their stats and unlock new abilities. You can also level up your abilities by using ability points, which are earned by ranking up your fighters or completing objectives. Leveling up your abilities will increase their power and effectiveness.

Fighting in campaigns and events

You can fight in different modes to earn rewards and test your skills. The main mode is the campaign mode, where you can follow the story of your fighter and face various challenges and opponents. You can also participate in events, which are limited-time modes that offer exclusive rewards and content. Events are often tied to real UFC events, so you can experience the same excitement as watching them live.

Competing in guilds and leaderboards

You can join a guild to connect with other players who share your play style and goals. You can chat with your guild members, share tips and strategies, and support each other in fights. You can also compete with other guilds in guild wars, where you can earn points and rewards for your guild by winning fights against other guild members.

You can also compete in leaderboards, where you can see how you rank among other players in different categories. You can climb the leaderboards by winning fights and earning trophies, which are points that reflect your skill level. You can also earn rewards based on your leaderboard position at the end of each season.

Why You Should Play UFC Game Mobile?

If you are still not convinced that UFC Game Mobile is the game for you, here are some reasons why you should play it:

Authentic UFC action and content

The game features real UFC fighters from every weight class, each with their own likeness, personality, and fighting style. You can collect and compete with fighters like Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, Israel Adesanya, Valentina Shevchenko, Dustin Poirier, Rose Namajunas, and many more. You can also enjoy live content that is updated regularly based on real UFC events, such as fight cards, weigh-ins, interviews, highlights, and more.

Real MMA fighting and strategy

The game offers a realistic and immersive MMA fighting experience that requires skill and strategy to win. You need to master the game controls and mechanics to execute effective offensive and defensive moves. You also need to use your abilities wisely to gain an advantage over your opponent. You need to adapt to different situations and opponents, as each fight is different and unpredictable.

Exclusive sports action and RPG gameplay

The game combines sports action with RPG gameplay to create a unique and engaging game experience. You can level up your fighters and abilities to increase their power and performance. You can fight in different modes to earn rewards and progress in the game. You can also join guilds and compete in leaderboards to connect with other players and challenge yourself.

How to Download UFC Game Mobile?

If you are ready to play UFC Game Mobile, here are the steps to download it on different devices:




  • Go to the Google Play Store on your device.

  • Search for "UFC Game Mobile" or use this link:

  • Tap on "Install" to download the game on your device.

  • Wait for the game to finish downloading and installing.

  • Tap on "Open" to launch the game and enjoy!


  • Go to the App Store on your device.

  • Search for "UFC Game Mobile" or use this link:

  • Tap on "Get" to download the game on your device.

  • Wait for the game to finish downloading and installing.

  • Tap on the game icon to launch the game and enjoy!

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