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Classic Chess Online: Play Free Games with Players from Around the World

TBO takes a differentiated approach than the traditional RSO and aims to become a society indoctrinated in the study and teaching of chess strategies, and skills. With such minute offerings of chess programs and activities in predominately Black sBchools TBO fundamentally differs from the traditional organization through the offerings of a program strategically focused on chess which has failed to be adequately offered nor maintained by our institutions.

TBO cultivates and ensures a space in which students feel empowered to broaden intellectual capacity and analytical skills. Through chess play, communist interaction and a high growth setting players are expected to become more disciplined and well rounded.

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The Chess Drum also talked to the other co-founder and President Alan Cowan who is a senior at Morehouse College. He states that Morehouse has roughly 30 players in the chess club, but apparently has not yet been poised to compete in the Pan-American Intercollegiate tournament. He does envision a similar concept for HBCUs through which a sort of league can culminate into a championship. This may encourage more HBCU teams to compete in the Pan-Ams as Howard has done in the past few years.

IM Stephen Muhammad attended Tuskegee University for a short time. FM William Morrison graduated from Morgan State University. This writer attended Clark Atlanta University for graduate school. There have been isolated pockets of chess activity at HBCUs, but it has been hard to sustain for various reasons.

Schools like Howard, Hampton, FAMU, Tuskegee, Morgan State, and Norfolk State have all had stints and more recently Spelman/Morehouse has stepped forward to mobilize this segment of the chess community. There has not traditionally been much chess activity at the Atlanta University Center, but Atlanta was once home to one of the most active clubs in the south. One of the challenges is bridging club

We will be hosting a chess mixer so there will be details sent out about that when I send over the other information. The prizes are trophies and medals. There is a large-sized trophy for teams and a medium-sized award for individuals.

We are excited to invite your team to participate in our upcoming tournament, which is scheduled for April 22nd, 2023, at Morehouse College. This tournament is a thrilling history-changing event featuring the best teams from around the US at HBCUS competing for the top prize trophy and HBCU chess champion title.

Sunday marked the end of the era of GM Magnus Carlsen's reign as world champion after nine years, five months, and eight days. GM Ding Liren wrote history as the first-ever FIDE world champion from China (there have been several FIDE women's world champions from China). Ding defeated GM Ian Nepomniachtchi 2.5-1.5 in a thrilling rapid playoff after the first 14 classical games ended in a drawn 7-7 score.

In an appearance last week on the Norwegian chess podcast Sjakksnakk, run by his friends Askild Bryn and Odin Blikra Vea, Carlsen shared his thoughts on the match, which was covered in's previous article on the podcast.

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Carlsen said he could not discuss the GM Hans Niemann case, which is still ongoing, but he had plenty more to say during the session that lasted almost an hour. He answered questions in his native language about his motivation, his preference for speed chess over classical, his personal life, and his thoughts on the most promising young talents.

"I feel that identity has changed already. I have mentally been out of the world championship for quite some time. There was a period after the match against Nepo that I was sure would be my last. The number-one spot on the world rankings has been important for me for quite a few years, but now I feel like I just don't play much classical chess, so its significance changes. I know that when I decide to play classical in the first place, I usually perform on a decent level, but I play so rarely that I've become a bit rusty," he said.

Carlsen has just two more classical events scheduled this year: Norway Chess (May 29-June 9), where he is scheduled to go head-to-head with GM Hikaru Nakamura, and the Qatar Masters (October 10-20), where he gets a chance to defend his title from 2015.

It also wouldn't be a big surprise if he plays for the Offerspill Chess Club in the European Club Cup in the first week of October, but with just 15 classical games played so far, 2023 looks set to become one of Carlsen's least active years, excluding rapid and blitz events.

"Based on my experience in my last tournament in Wijk aan Zee, I feel like it's interesting on a purely intellectual level to play classical chess. It's nice to have time to think for a while and figure things out, but I am quite fed up with all the preparation. It's frustrating to come up with new ideas every time in order to get a game at all. If it hadn't been for that, classical might have been my favorite out of all tournament chess. As it is now, it's just too frustrating."

"The last tournament I played I was in France, and I enjoyed spending time with family and being in the hills. But I thought I wouldn't sacrifice time with my family to try to be as well-prepared as possible. I would just show up and try to do as well as I could, but that was it. In other tournaments, I may feel like I really want to try to win. That's how it's been for a few years; it tends to change. It's not necessarily in the biggest tournaments that my motivation is the highest, but that's fine. Normally I still think it's really fun to play chess. Especially when it's more casual, but for tournaments it's more up and down."

When the Norwegian grandmaster announced the abdication of his title, he expressed his displeasure with the format of the world championship cycle, a never-ending debate in the chess world. Carlsen was asked whether a different format would've changed his decision.

"It's clear that the motivation depends on what you think is interesting or not. I have never favored the current format with matches in classical chess, especially such a short match. I was positive when they increased the number from 12 to 14 games; it makes it less random, and also that they reduced the number of rest days. Now they have increased it again, no idea why they did that. I guess to give them more rest, but that also gives teams more time to work and to fill gaps, so that makes it even harder to prove that you are any better."

"In regards to the more traditional formats, the ones you play professionally and in less casual settings, I feel like rapid is the most difficult. I won't say I like it the least, but it's the most challenging as it's a difficult hybrid between classical and blitz."

On Monday, Carlsen jumped on a plane to join the European Poker Tour in Monaco, where he is playing in the main event. That comes just two weeks after he played in a celebrity poker event in Los Angeles. For now, Carlsen's chess fans won't have to worry that he is serious about the game.

Carlsen will next be in action at the chess board in the Superbet Warsaw Rapid & Blitz, starting May 21 until May 25. That event should excite chess fans as it will be the first meeting with the new world champion, Ding.

Our popular Chess Classic comes with wooden game pieces and a chess board made in mdf with a mounted acrylic top and measures 25x25 cm. It includes easy to read instructions in English, French and German. Recommended for two players and ages 5+.

It is safe to assume that both Richard Rapport and Ian Nepomniachtchi were entirely dissatisfied with the outcome of this event. Both had chances to score far more points, but each suffered from a variety of individual maladies that wrecked their events. For Rapport, two cases of severe chess blindness cost him two losses in games where he should have scored at least 1.5 points. Nepomniachtchi had been bitten by a speed demon that threw away opportunities left, right, and center. To account for how many points that problem cost him, you would need an advanced degree in accounting, which I don't have, but it was a lot.

The line chosen by Firouzja is not considered anything special for White but is aimed at reaching a playable position where the best chess player, rather than the best-prepared player, has chances to win. That being said, it did seem that Black equalized rather comfortably.

Take on the fun and challenge of playing chess! The Akela Chess Classic is a five-round chess tournament open to all Scouts BSA, Venturers, STEM Scouts in Technology Labs, and Sea Scouts from age 10 to 20. Tournament play is in three brackets: age 10-12, age 13-15, and age 16 and up.

Participants must know the rules of chess as there will be no instruction on site at the tournament. Tournament play is touch-move, meaning if a player touches a piece he must move it. Games are at a time limit of one hour.

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OUR MISSION It is the mission of the Saint Louis Chess Club, an educational organization, to maintain a formal program of instruction to teach the game of chess and to promote and support its educational program through community outreach and local and national partnerships to increase the awareness of the educational value of chess.

The London Chess Classic is a chess festival held at the Olympia Conference Centre, West Kensington, London. The flagship event is a strong invitational tournament between some of the world's top grandmasters. A number of subsidiary events cover a wide range of chess activities, including tournaments suitable for norm and title seekers, junior events, amateur competitions, simultaneous exhibitions, coaching, and lectures.

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