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The team attacks the Yellow Eye base, but during the battle Meme/Hope Summers hacks into Fantomex's consciousness, thanks to his nanobot brain, in order to learn why he broke up with her. He then reveals that he knew Hope Summers was posing as Meme. He then betrays the team and plans to use the Yellow Eye tracking technology to find his missing clones (Cluster and Weapon XIII).[18] Luckily, it turns out Domino was brainwashed by the Yellow Eye, but Meme was able to hack into her and free her. She then shoots Fantomex in the head.[18] It turns out Yellow Eye is actually Mojo, who reveals that Meme is actually Hope Summers to the rest of the team. Cable debates using the Yellow Eye Technology, but Psylocke wants the facility destroyed. They don't have time to debate since the second clone of Cable was already at the facility with Dr. Nemesis tracking Volga during the prior fight. The team doesn't have time to debate the morality since Fantomex was able to recode Volga's super virus code when he died and E.V.A. reloaded the virus to give her unlimited superpowers.[19] However, since his mind is still mechanical Meme hacked into him making him think he killed the team, while they actually escaped.[20] Back at the base Cable tricks Fantomex into fighting him, but is actually getting Fantomex to destroy various spy agencies and evil organizations. ForgetMeNot also reveals himself to Hope Summers and explains that the original Meme is still alive and saved him by transferring his consciousness and then repaired his body with the ships clean up bots. He reveals that Meme is actually dying, and once she dies Hope will not be able to copy Meme's powers and communicate with the team using her hacking powers.[20] After Meme dies, ForgetMeNot reveals himself to the team and asks Marrow to touch Hope's body, then Hopes copies Marrow's healing factor and is able to temporarily heal herself enough to play a video showing how Cable has been manipulating the team. ForgetMeNot then pushes Psylocke into Hope, who then copies her psychic powers and reveals to the team her troubles childhood and how despite Cable saving her life by traveling between dimensions, she has outgrown him morally and doesn't look up to him. Marrow then kills the Cable clone. Hope also revealed their location to Fantomex, who is on his way to kill them.[21] The team doesn't think they have a chance at stopping him, but Hope has a plan that will only work if they act as a team. Domino and Psylocke distract Fantomex while ForgetMeNot sneaks up to him and teleports him to Hope, who copies his super-powers, as well as the entire teams. She releases all the Cable clones against Fantomex.[21] Hope, using Dr. Nemesis's super intellect, then figures out that Fantomex doesn't believe he is imperfect, but reveals to him that perfect requires cracks and inadequacies and perfection is really being a team. Fantomex cannot comprehend this and has a mental breakdown. Psylocke then uses her psi-blade to scramble his mind. The team later reveals they "fired" Cable from the team.[22]



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Glass ceramics are widely used to enhance the functionality of inert metallic materials typically used for hard-tissue engineering. Biofunctionality of glass ceramics can in turn be significantly boosted with the addition of trace element dopants. Herein, we synthesized a nanostructured glass ceramic and used magnesium (Mg), which is known to promote osteoblast adhesion and proliferation, for further functionalization. The nanostructured akermanite glass ceramic (Ca2MgSi2O7) was used to coat Ti6Al4V substrates by the sol-gel method. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as X-ray diffraction were used to assess the structural morphology and phase composition of the coating, respectively. The micrographs showed a uniform and crack-free coating structure. Atomic force microscopy observation revealed a disordered surface roughness for coated samples. In vitro cytocompatibility tests revealed that Saos-2 cells cultured on bare samples adopted a rounded morphology, whereas cells cultured on the coated samples represented a more spread out configuration and also increased proliferation. The characterizing tests confirmed the efficiency of the synthesis method and the in vitro biocompatibility of the synthesized coating, indicating its suitability to be used for bone implants. 350c69d7ab

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