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This GTA: San Andreas guide details everything you need to know about cheat codes, as well as how to activate them, a guide to the best cheats to test out, as well as a complete list of all working cheats and codes that are available and ready to use. This guide includes an updated cheats list for the GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition release for Xbox, PC, and PS5.

All Cheat

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Please note, with nearly 100 cheats and secrets available in GTA San Andreas, these cheats can all be used and activated across every platform, including PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In order to enter and activate cheat codes in GTA San Andreas, you must first select the cheat code you are looking to enter. With almost 100 cheats available on offer, you'll find cheats that range from infinite ammo, disabling your wanted level, infinite health, item and vehicle spawns, as well as plenty more.

Once you have selected your desired cheat code, simply type the phrase on your PC keyboard or press the button combinations on your console controller while playing the game. These will need to be added in a consecutive manner and rather quickly, if you're too slow, you'll need to re-enter the cheat code.

Below is a complete list of all Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA) cheat codes that are available across all platforms, whether it be PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series XS, XB1, Xbox 360, PC, or Nintendo Switch. These cheat codes can be entered with a keyboard or an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch controller at any time during gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has several cheats that kit out CJ's arsenal, boost his health and add some extra cash to his account. Here's a complete list of the weapon, health, and money cheat codes:

Some of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' most entertaining cheats allow you to alter the game's physics and internal logic to turn Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas into chaos-filled playgrounds. Here's all the gameplay cheat codes:

Looking to buff out CJ's stats without having to grind at the gym? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has cheats for that too, as well as some handy (and mayhem-infused) gang-related codes. Here's a complete list of every stat and gang cheat:

Although there's a lot of cheats for CJ's on-foot adventures, there's also plenty of codes you can utilise when he gets behind the wheel. Here are all the traffic, vehicle, boat, plane and motorcycle cheat codes:

There are three different modes in The Sims 4: Create-a-Sim mode, Build mode, and Live mode. You can enter Build/Buy cheats in both Live mode or Build mode, but you must be in Build mode to use them. The Build mode cheats include codes for moving objects, expanding the Build/Buy catalog, and more.

If you're wanting to enable The Sims 4 cheats or are looking for a Sims 4 money cheat code, or simply hoping to find the full list of all The Sims 4 cheat codes and commands, you're in luck, as we've broken down all you need.

While it's sadly not that easy to take shortcuts in real life, luckily in The Sims 4 it's nice and easy to cheat. We've got guides on how to enable cheats, how to use them and a fully-formed list of all The Sims 4 cheats.

To use Sims 4 cheat codes, you first need to enable cheats in the game itself. Be warned, though: enabling cheats will mean that achievements or trophies are turned off in this particular save.

On Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you can access the cheat menu by pressing and holding LT + RT + LB + RB for a couple of seconds. This will bring up the cheat menu, in which you need to type testingCheats true to enable cheats in this save.

Or on PC, after activating testingCheats true, hold shift and then click on the Sim/item in question - this will make the Interaction Cheats menu appear, and you can choose from a variety of cheats that it will list for you. All the other cheats in the game can just be typed into the cheat console as we discussed before. For the full list of what you can do, read on!

To use any of those Sims 4 Career cheats, type the bold wording above followed by the official designation for your career of choice. The list of Careers and their designated cheat code words is below, with the part you need to type in bold:

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All of your fantasy baseball draft preparation needs collected in one place! Here you'll find rankings, projections, cheat sheets, analysis and strategy. Check back every day for new content through Opening Day of the 2023 season. If this is your first time playing fantasy baseball, might we recommend starting with the basics: The Playbook: How to play fantasy baseball.

Seeking some Sims 4 cheats to make your Sims' dreams manifest in their newly free-to-play reality? With the power of cheats you can bypass everyday problems like money or mortality and turn your gaze to messing around and having fun. Or wreaking havoc. Your call, really.

This Sims 4 cheats guide has codes for all the major expansions and game packs. Most expansions and packs for The Sims 4 have their own cheats for the jobs, deaths, and traits unique to that expansion. With the new family-oriented Growing Together pack out, we'll definitely have some new Live Mode cheats here for you in short order.

We've organized the page to make it easy to find tables for all the skills, careers, and traits you might need to max out your Sim's level in. You can also Ctrl+F the page for the name of the expansion or pack you're wanting to find cheats for them in each section. We've also got instructions about how to activate cheats in-game, in case you haven't used them before, or even if it's just been awhile.

For cheats marked as "shift click," you'll first need to type "testingCheats true" into the cheat menu. With testing cheats on, you can unlock some new Shift-Click menu options on Sims, objects, or the ground.

Spending all your money on groceries and bills is too much like real life. Why make your Sims start at the bottom when it's way more fun to start at the top? Enter any of these Sims 4 money cheat keywords into the cheat console to instantly gain stacks of cash.

Get your teen Sims through (or kicked out of) school with these cheats for graduating and getting expelled. These are all handled through the trait system, so you'll use the cheat traits.equip_trait [trait] with the following, which all do exactly what they suggest:

Like other traits, you can use traits.remove_trait to get rid of each as well. You can find more Highschool Years cheats for careers, skills, and personality traits in the tables below.

The Werewolves pack also added a series of cheats to add Temperaments to your werewolves, which are normally unlocked through gameplay and affect the rates at which your werewolves gain fury and go into rampages. To add a Temperament to your werewolf, use the cheat traits.equip_trait trait_OccultWerewolf_Temperaments_[temperament], replacing the bracketed section with one of the following temperaments:

One of the first things you might be compelled to do with Eco Lifestyle cheats is change your neighborhood's Eco Footprint. If you just can't stand starting out with an industrial neighborhood, use eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state [#] with one of these numbers:

If your Sims have the same problem making friends that I have in real life, the cheat console code relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others will instantly introduce your Sim to all their neighbors.

You can pick certain traits for your Sims during the Create-A-Sim process that control some of their preferences, habits, and how they react to other Sims. One way to cheat your Sims into having certain traits, especially those in the base game, is to use the Shift+Click cheats above to edit them in the CAS (Create-A-Sim) menu.

Spell is a mechanic that allows for the usage of cheat codes to unlock characters, stages, relics, etc. Most cheat codes must be entered in the Secrets menu, unlocked by collecting the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, however some must be entered on the main menu.

Here is what you are looking for, a full list of active Dude Theft Wars cheat codes. These codes usually take the form of gameplay changes, and you really can't say no to free gifts, can you? Here are all the active Dude Theft Wars cheat codes:

That rounds off our full list of Dude Theft Wars cheat codes, giving you all the information about the active and expired codes you can use to gain every advantage possible. Enjoy your free in-game rewards!

With the evolution of video games, we are seeing fewer and fewer video games providing the option of using cheat codes to give you a huge gameplay boost. Luckily, Rockstar Games is one of the few companies left which still gives players the ability to use cheat codes in GTA V. Although it is now nearly a decade old, GTA V is still one of the most played games in the world with GTA Online especially having a huge player base.

To use cheat codes in GTA V, you first need to access the in-game command console. Do that by hitting the Tilde key () key. Then enter the cheats through the keyboard you wish to apply in the game. If you entered the cheat code correctly, a message will flash on the screen saying the cheat code is active. 041b061a72

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