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Lily Of The Valley [v2.0] !EXCLUSIVE!

[2] reminds us that "The therapeutic properties of cardiac glycosides (eg, digoxin, a product of the foxglove plant) have been known since the days of the Roman Empire. The ancient Romans used red squill, a cardiac glycoside derived from the sea onion, as a diuretic and heart medicine. Cardiac glycosides are found in certain flowering plants such as oleander and lily-of-the-valley.[..] Cardiac glycoside toxicity from plants such as oleander, foxglove, and lily-of-the-valley is uncommon but potentially lethal. Case reports of toxicity from these sources implicate the preparation of extracts and teas as the usual culprit."

Lily of the Valley [v2.0]

Star of Bethlehem is a member of the lily family. [1] has a picture. All parts of the plant contain cardiac glycosides, but especially the bulbs. (For more information on cardiac glycosides, please refer to [2].) The toxin remains after the plant has dried. 041b061a72

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