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[S2E15] Stakes Is High !!TOP!!

NCIS: Hawai'i takes place on the paradise beaches of Hawai'i and follows the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, Jane Tennant. Along with her brave and talented team of specialists, she investigates high-stakes crimes that threaten national security while balancing interpersonal relationships.

[S2E15] Stakes Is High

Cano Vega, a beloved Cuban baseball player, is found murdered with a baseball bat, requiring Castle and Beckett to explore the high-stakes world of professional sports. Meanwhile, Alexis works to complete a family tree for school and questions Castle about his desire to know more about his own father.

Buffy realizes that the reports of Theresa's body didn't mention any mauling. She and Xander get to the funeral home in time to watch her rise as a vampire. Theresa passes along greetings from Angel before Xander stakes her.

Christian Rudolph has more than $8.1 million in winnings at GGPoker alone, yet he is still waiting his first Super MILLION$ title. Rudolph's best finish in this high-stakes event is a runner-up one on November 1, 2020, which netted him $249,145. The WSOP bracelet winner sits down with 2,049,301 chips, or 68.3 big blinds.

Only three players have fewer chips than Denisov and his fellow countryman, Artur Martirosian, is one of them. Martirosian, a two-time Super MILLION$ champion, needs a fourth-place of higher finish to break through $18 million in winnings at GGPoker. His quest is made more difficult by the fact Martirosian sits back down with only 688,896 chips (23 big blinds), but Super MILLION$ finalists have come back from more precarious positions in the past.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:Lorelai is way too involved in the minutiae of Rory's life. She drops everything to search frantically for Dean's missing bracelet (who cares?) and delivers a scathing speech to Jess that is totally weird because she's an adult and should have zero stakes/interest in teen romance drama.

Cordelia and Xander are attacked by a werewolf that rips a hole in her car's roof. Giles points out that there have been several other attacks, though so far only animals have been killed. During high school gym class, it is revealed that at least two students have been bitten lately: Oz by a cousin, and school macho Larry by a dog.

Buffy realizes that the reports of Theresa's body did not mention any mauling. She and Xander get to the funeral home in time to watch her rise as a vampire. Theresa passes along greetings from Angelus before Xander stakes her. Buffy is left shaken by this and Xander comforts her.

So whatever feature you've got, so does your neighbor. So why should people care about your brand? You should spend that effort educating them, and then they will come to you and raise their hand. Conversion rates will be substantially higher for the same amount of work, just delivered in a much more efficient way.

Sure. Yeah. So, like, outside of that, obviously, still, we're doing, like, pretty heavy spending on Google ads. Right? I feel like at this point, that's, like, table stakes, but just to throw it out there in case anybody's not doing Google ads. You should.

Um, and when I say Google ads, I mean obviously, like, don't be bidding on words and linking to a gated ebook. Um, for us, it's really just, like, bottom of funnel buying intent words, so things around software tools, obviously anything that's, like, within our wheelhouse of what platform we consider ourselves. Um, those are the types of keywords that we're bidding on, and then branded terms too, which again, table stakes.

Oh. I read this book, and I feel like I probably read it three times. Um, Obviously Awesome. Uh, April Dunford is the author. Incredible book. And it also speaks to my last point about product marketing and its importance, so highly recommend.

(Season 1, Episode 9)Elle (Lola Glaudini) had a rough first season on the show, including in this episode when a mentally ill passenger took her and an entire train car hostage. Ted Bryar (Chris Bauer) suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and seeing the FBI agent as the train made an emergency stop convinced him he was being followed. The ensuing negotiations and unraveling situation was a series highlight, even though the cast makeup was completely different way back then. (Glaudini exited the show early in Season 2 to move back to the East Coast.)

(Season 4, Episode 3)Luke Perry made headlines as the chilling cult leader Cyrus in this high-stakes episode, in which Reid and Prentiss (Paget Brewster) went undercover at a compound in order to investigate alleged child abuse. Things took a sour turn when a surprise SWAT raid forced a hostage situation, resulting in a news report that one of the hostages was in fact an undercover agent. While the episode stands out for its unique and gripping storyline, it was also a chance to showcase the various agents in terms of the skill sets they each bring to such life-or-death situations.

(Season 1, Episode 22 and Season 2, Episode 1)Both of these episodes count as one overall installment for the purpose of this list. The cliffhanger finale hooked any fence-straddling fans as the show crossed over from a full procedural into a series with characters whose personal lives sometimes seeped into the cases they covered. Add in a fantastical unsub in the form of Randall Garner (played by Charles Haid in the first part and Charley Rossman in the second), who was dramatically waiting to confront Elle at gunpoint, and this season finale/opener are true highlights of the entire series.

Lois Lane and the Resistance is better than anything that came out last week. Once again writing duties on a Flashpoint book fall to the accomplished team of Abnett and Lanning, who this time give us a third perspective on the Amazon-Atlantis war through the eyes of ace Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane.As the story opens, Lois is complaining to Perry White about how she's been assigned to cover fashion week in Paris in the midst of a global war. They're interrupted first interrupted by a tipsy Jimmy Olsen and then by a massive tidal wave triggered by Aquaman that's sinking all of Western Europe. Lois manages to escape to high ground, although in the process her single strap high-fashion dress gets ripped and torn despite the fact that none of the other survivors' clothes have so much as a scratch on them. Oh, and Jimmy drowns in the escape.

Lois soon discovers that Jimmy was actually an agent of National Security Advisor Cyborg, and now that he's dead she's been asked to take over and gather whatever information she can on the Amazons by playing nice and trying to be an eager recruit into their new regime. This proceeds well until Lois is scheduled to undergo a dangerous medical procedure with a high failure rate that would convert her into a metahuman. She escapes and makes contact with the resistance but is soon tracked down by Artemis and Hawkgirl, which is the cliffhanger leading into issue two.

As this Flashpoint tie-in mini begins, Bart, aka Kid Flash, realizes he's been trapped in a virtual reality world because the Barry Allen he's interacting with is actually emoting, which is highly uncharacteristic of the the Silver Age Flash. Bart then awakens to discover he's hooked up to some kind of life-preservation system that looks remarkably like those seen in The Matrix. It turns out he's in the future of the Flashpoint universe, where machines led by Brainiac that look quite a bit like the ones from The Matrix have taken over and imprisoned all the humans in tubes a lot like in The Matrix. Brainiac is extracting energy from Bart in a way vaguely reminiscent of . . . you know, The Matrix. Bart is rescued by Hot Pursuit, a woman named Patty Spivot, whose time-traveling motorcycle is Kid Flash's only hope of not fading away into nothingness as the time stream corrects itself. It's an explicit reference to Back to the Future. 041b061a72

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