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The Wedding Planner

Lopez stars in the title role as Mary Fiore--yes, a wedding planner. With her walkie-talkie headset, cell phone, clipboard, spotters and video crews, she's mission control as her clients walk down the aisle. Racing to an appointment, she meets Dr. Steve Edison (McConaughey) in one of the most absurd Meet Cutes in many a moon. Her Gucci heel gets stuck in a manhole cover, a garbage dumpster rolls down a hill toward her, and Steve hurls her out of the way and, of course, lands on top of her; it's love at first full body contact.

The Wedding Planner

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That night they have a perfect date, watching movies in the park. Mary has always been the wedding planner, never the bride (uh, huh--this is as convincing as Julia Roberts' old flame choosing another bride in "My Best Friend's Wedding"). Now she walks on air, until her current client, the millionairess Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), introduces Mary to the man Fran will marry, who is of course Dr. Steve Edison.

If Steve is engaged, why did he mislead Mary with that night of movies and soul talk? Because he is a dishonest louse, or, as the movie explains it, because he had no idea he would be thunderstruck by love. Since he is in love with Mary, the only sensible thing to do is call off his wedding to Fran and buy a season ticket to movies in the park. But the movie cannot abide common sense, and recycles decades of cliches about the wrong people getting married and the right ones making stupid decisions.

There is no real narrative, only different locations for the characters to get into faux-adorable fixes. Here's one example: Mary and Steve knock over a nude male statue and his genitals break off. Much hoped-for hilarity but no actual laughs ensue as they try to glue it back on. Here's another example: Mary and Steve run into Mary's former beau and Mary hides under a table to avoid him. But they run into him (with his pregnant wife) anyway, and Mary responds by getting drunk. Two weddings have to be disrupted before it can all get straightened out and even that never-fail standard of the romantic comedy drags on until we can go home to find something better to watch on UPN.

Families can talk about the way films and TV portray weddings and marriage. Why is so much attention placed on weddings? Is it the romance behind it? The money spent on it? Why doesn't the media focus more on what happens after the wedding and honeymoon is over?

In present day Burbank, Sarah and Chuck pay their wedding planner, Daphne Peralta, $26,000, for their big day, only to later learn that Daphne has conned them. Sarah goes to her father to see if he knows Daphne or her con, he does not but advises her to use her government resources to find the woman. Jack reminds her of the summer they lived in the governor's mansion. He says that if she doesn't have the authority, then pretend she does. She remembers a saying he said when she was younger, "That's right. Fake it till you make it." Sarah thanks him for the advice and gets up suddenly. Jack still wants to know how in two years she went from Con to Mark, but she kisses him and takes off without saying anything more.

After Daphne is captured, Sarah and Chuck reveal the truth and are suspended. Chuck, however, is appalled that Daphne might get away with her con. When pointing out plans for the Gerlich wedding, Chuck flashes on the names of Franz, Bruno, and Paulie Klüg, Hungarians in possession of Iranian nuclear research on a portable device called the "Zephyr", which one of the brothers reportedly is always carrying. All three brothers will be at their sister's wedding reception in Los Angeles. Beckman, however, refuses to grant them government resources.

Jack is sitting with Sarah talking over the situation. He offers to help them play out Daphne's con, put on a reception and capture the Zephyr. They manage to lead the Klügs away from the reception and incapacitate them, only to find that none of them has the Zephyr. Jack realizes that the Klügs have been performing a shell game: the government has been pursuing them for the Zephyr when none of them ever had it; their father had it all along. Meanwhile, the bride's father realizes he is being conned when the wedding cake turns out to be styrofoam and leads Morgan away at gunpoint. When Chuck and Sarah confront him, Klüg uses Morgan as a human shield, while Casey takes aim at his head. Jack then manages to talk Klüg down for the sake of the bride's happiness.

Despite Sarah's efforts to hide the fact, Jack discovers that she and Chuck are getting married. Chuck invites Jack to attend, but Jack refuses to make promises he cannot keep. Instead, Jack leaves Sarah her old piggy bank, to which he has only ever added cash, never taken any, more than covering the cost of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Alex lead Alex's mother Kathleen to the Buy More so that Casey can reveal he is alive, but Casey asserts that Kathleen deserves better than to think he left her for a crummy job. Kathleen sees Casey and has an off-screen conversation with Alex about him, then follows him to the wedding reception where she confronts him. Kathleen says their daughter thinks Casey is a hero and demands he tell her the 'truth,' and she leaves. Later, however, Kathleen witnesses Casey arrest Klüg, identifying himself as a colonel and an NSA agent.

Marty Velasco, certified personal fitness trainer and gym owner, specializes in helping brides get in top notch shape for their wedding so the dress fits spectacularly!! His Signature brides in training program, From Dumbbells to Wedding Bells, has helped numerous brides look and feel their very best on the wedding day. This is an add on service for the Wedding Planner MD, but well worth the investment. After all, the most important part of the planning is the BRIDE herself!!

Caroline Gould and Victoria Ewing are The Wedding Planners. With over 10 years of experience between them, both within venues and independently, Caroline and Victoria are proud to be welcomed into your wedding day to help you create the wedding you desire. Caroline and Victoria have been a team for the last 3 years, working together to bring excellence to your wedding day.

The Wedding Planner is an American romantic comedy movie directed by Adam Shankman and written by Pamela Falk and Michael Ellis. It stars Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore, a successful and workaholic wedding planner, and Matthew McConaughey, playing the role of a charming doctor Steve Edison.

With over twenty years of collective experience in planning weddings located anywhere between Monaco and Saint-Tropez, from lake of Como to the Amalfi coast in Italy, The Wedding Planners Monaco have decided to take wedding planning to another level.

We can organise the wedding of your dreams in any venue on the French Riviera and Italy: be it a medieval French chateau, luxurious hotel ballrooms, legendary villas in Italy, outdoors al fresco, on a super yacht, under fairy lights on the beach and even in your own villa!

Otis has an old friend from Nigeria named Dele who has a lot of money, and Otis and his business partner Khalid could really use Dele to invest in their new company. When Otis hears that Dele and his fiancee need help with their wedding, he offers to plan the whole thing at a resort in Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast. He puts a down payment worth thousands of dollars down to enlist the help of a wedding planner who he sleeps with, and then she absconds with the money, leaving no trace. Since Otis is desperate to impress Dele, he enlists the help of all of his friends to go to the resort on put on a lavish event with only days to spare, which is meant to be a traditional Yoruba wedding that honors the customs of the Nigerian bride and groom.

The general idea of Otis gathering his friends to pull off a big, fancy event would have been entertaining enough, but, save for the two older actors who appeared as the fathers of the bride and groom who provided a few moments of comic relief, none of the supporting cast add any humor or empathy to the story. Instead, we just jump from one couple with issues to another, until the day of the big wedding which ends in a bit of a disaster.

The Wedding Planner can be organized in almost any way that fits your wedding planning needs through our personalization process. Choose your binding preference (spiral or softbound), personalize your cover, choose your calendar (12 or 24 months), then follow the wedding tips and guided planning sections for organizing your budget, vendors, monthly and weekly schedule, wedding party, everything all in one organized book! There are so many ways to create your perfect wedding planner to help you stay organized and keep important notes and dates all in one place. Let Erin Condren help you discover and personalize the wedding planner book that works for you.

You can visit one of our three store locations in Austin, TX, Fairfax, VA, or Irvine, CA to get a hands-on experience in personalizing your Wedding Planner. We even offer virtual and in-store workshop events to help you stay organized and increase productivity in all areas of your life. You can also find Erin Condren wedding planner books on Amazon.

Wedding Planner Pay is the only UK, payment system enabling you to spread the cost of your wedding into much smaller, monthly payments. Flexible and secure, why not reward your early planning by spreading payments to your suppliers evenly up to 36 months in advance of your wedding and earning cashback on your bookings.

If you prefer to plan in paper form, then you'll love our brand new Wedding Planner book. Filled with tips and worksheets for tracking everything from your guestlist to your budgets, it's wedding planning made simple. 041b061a72

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