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BrandPost: Deploying Deep Learning In Productio... !LINK!

This complicated ecosystem invites machine learning to play a key role in the ad optimization process, particularly because of the simultaneous availability of (i) massive, very fine-grained data on consumer behavior, (ii) data on the brand-oriented actions of consumers, via instrumentation of purchase systems, and (iii) the ability to make advertising decisions and deliver advertisements in real time. The work we describe in this paper is one such massive-scale machine learning system that is deployed and in regular use by M6D, a company that finds prospective customers for targeted display advertising campaigns and executes those campaigns on the many advertising exchanges. Notably, the learning system itself is deployed, in contrast to the much more common case of deploying the models resulting from machine learning plus human model curation. Each week, this learning system builds thousands of models totally automatically, driving the advertising campaigns for major marketers across many industries.

BrandPost: Deploying Deep Learning in Productio...


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