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Aston Setup Key 1 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

0.4.5RC1 reactosfanboy: FAILED (tested without experimental D3D acceleration), setup ok, next reboot also ok, display driver was in use, regression: auto-resolution-switch-on-resize-patch was not working CORE-13172, regression: I was also hit by not being able to change to 32bit colours CORE-12765, regression: display.cpl hang CORE-12700, major: leaks CORE-13190, minor: installer has NSIS font draw issue CORE-11195, fixed: CORE-12224

Aston setup key 1

reactosfanboy r72998: installs & runs & displays pdf, major: application crashes when clicking 'file' in menubar CORE-12235, minor: setup gives SetProcessDPIAware-error but continues CORE-12209,installer fonts too large (phantom-bundle-radio-button hardly reachable therefore), desktop icon needs F5 CORE-10391

reactosfanboy r73036: installs & starts fine usually, can open/show xls, major: very rare chance to BSOD during setup CORE-12121 + CORE-12229 -> "setup Failed", main app view is not redrawn e.g: upon scrolling CORE-12280 -> "Run wo result", minor: setup in german negative required size CORE-12229

reactosfanboy r72998: same as 0.4.2RC1: installs & runs ok, although works fine otherwise GUI has massive control-placement/sizing issues with the explorer-widget to the left, too much to call it 'works' for my taste, minor: riched during setup suffers from fi/fl CORE-12172

reactosfanboy r72998: Installs & runs great. minor: Small issue with fonts in drive selection being displayed slightly shifted downwards, font-cut-off during setup in german localization "Installieren; Total Commander" CORE-11620, first time noticed: font displayed too large and partly overlapping in options dialog

reactosfanboy r72998: installs & runs & plays sound fine, major: Bentoo skin still gives contable asserts in GDI CORE-10774 (you may as well deselect "User Interface extensions" during setup to workaround), still suffers from showing titlebar that is invisible on real Windows, minor: installer has NSIS font draw issue CORE-11195

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