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Invitation To Battle Full Movie Hd 1080p ((EXCLUSIVE))

After Mewtwo rebuilds the laboratory and establishes a base there, he invites several trainers with hologram messages to battle the world's greatest Pokémon trainer at New Island. Ash, Misty, and Brock receive a message and accept the invitation, but when they arrive at the port city, Old Shore Wharf, Mewtwo creates a storm, causing the boats on the wharf to be closed off for safety. As a result, Ash's group are picked up by Team Rocket disguised as captains on a Lapras-shaped sailboat. After the storm sinks their vessel in the middle of the ocean, Ash and his friends use their Pokémon instead to reach New Island.

Invitation to Battle full movie hd 1080p


After his defeat, he temporarily retired from racing until making a comeback to race against the threat of Team Emperor and their leader and rival Kyoichi Sudo. Kyoichi was Ryosuke's biggest rival ever since he became a street racer. After Ryosuke defeated him at Akagi back when he was the 'White Comet of Akagi', Kyoichi was practicing his skills and theories ever since so that he can have a proper rematch with Ryosuke. After the Emperor's Gunma sweep stopped since Takumi defeated Seiji Iwaki at Akina, Kyoichi wanted to compete against Takumi before he battles against Ryosuke at Akagi. As he wished, Takumi came to battle him after he was enraged about finding out Natsuki's illicit relations with an older man. Ryosuke and the other RedSuns members spectate the battle taking place in Akagi as Kyoichi mentions to Ryosuke that this was his battle invitation to him, if he defeats Takumi. Ryosuke meanwhile explains about the 'Misfiring System' and other features of Kyoichi's car to Keisuke, who was spectating the battle with others. As the battle carried on, Takumi blows up his engine as Kyoichi pulled away from him on a corner. Ryosuke is left with no choice, but to fight against Sudo Kyoichi for saving the Gunma from Emperor's Lan Evo sweep.

While facing off R.T. Katagiri, Ryosuke explains to Matsumoto about the 'Fujiwara Zone', a state of mind exhibited by Takumi Fujiwara when he is in full concentration with his Eight-Six, as if he was controlling it with his own body, which gives Takumi an extraordinary ability to make corner exit as quick as an AWD car. He states Takumi had exhibited this way before, but became refined ever since his battle with Dr. Toshiya Joshima of Purple Shadow, All this while Takumi faces off Kai for a rematch on that team. Soon after Takumi pulls away from Kai after the latter spins out, and during Keisuke's battle, Ryosuke explains to Matsumoto about how his daily training about accelerator works made a huge improvement in Keisuke. Also how Keisuke is now able to face fully traditionalist motorsports opponents unlike earlier back in Tochigi. Keisuke wins by conserving his tyres, after he gaps Minagawa by brake checking him while Minagawa does catch up to him, he forfeits from the battle as he was not able to conserve his tyres due to his Supra's heavy kerb weight.

Rin Hojo and Ryosuke decides to share their pain and let go off the painful history. After the battle, Matsumoto, who was waiting patiently for Ryosuke to return, noted that his FC was now full of scratches, but was happy that he is at least safe and now more relived.

Soon the final battle with the Sidewinder started off, with Rin returning back to normal, meeting his brother Go Hojo properly after a long time, who also happened to be the uphiller of the team. He gives Go some advice before their battle. When the battle started with Go Hojo in the lead and Keisuke chasing, Ryosuke talks to Matsumoto about the NSX and its characteristics, especially on it being an MR with an NA engine and how it scores against Keisuke's twin turbocharged FD3S. But Keisuke's battles and training with another NA car during the Project D, who was Takumi Fujiwara's Eight-Six improved him and his skills had grown drastically to face against an NA car like the NSX. Then when Go started his sprint against Keisuke, hoping when he can gap him and the battle in that round itself, Ryosuke reveals to Matsumoto that at the beginning, he was hesitant to pick Keisuke as a Project D racer. However, after his FD's crash on the oil slick in the Saitama prefecture caused by the Lan Evo team, Keisuke had changed since that incident. He had began to practice along with Takumi no matter what the weather, suggesting the fact that Keisuke's rivalry with Takumi actually proved to be the reason why Keisuke had improved so much. Ryosuke states that by now Keisuke is superior than him at his peak, all thanks to the training he gave him, which was identical as he practiced with, but the fact that Keisuke made the most out of it, makes him happy. By now it is revealed that keisuke had kept up with Go till the top, shocking the Sidewinder team, especially their team manager Eiji Kubo, who now thought he had miscalculated Keisuke's potential. Meanwhile Ryosuke reveals to Matsumoto that Keisuke had learnt to his controlled runs seem like he was on his full potential. And while their opponent is skillful in collecting data, when the racers starts to make their sprint, its harder to collect precise information about the racer, which is exactly why Keisuke succeeded in keeping up with Go despite the Sidewinders having superior data. Then during the second round of the battle, when Keisuke was leading, and when Keisuke started his sprint on the same place where Go had started his sprint earlier, Ryosuke states that Keisuke had outgrown from him a while ago, and now he should go all out. Thanks to Keisuke's tyre conservation strategy which he did in the first round, he was able to go all out, while Go desperately trying to keep up with Keisuke, spins out after a corner, resulting in Keisuke's one last victory for Project D.

Matsumoto made his appearance during Project D and he was assigned as the mechanic for Takumi Fujiwara's Eight-Six. During the Kanagawa expedition, he was asked by Ryosuke to modify his FC3S and to keep it a secret from the rest of the Project D. Before heading to Hakone where Ryosuke will meet with Rin Hojo for their deathmatch, Ryosuke reveals his backstory to Matsumoto and why he was doing this. On reaching at Hakone, Matsumoto tells Ryosuke that he will wait at the same spot waiting for Ryosuke to return, no matter even if a hundred years passes, indicating he strongly respects and looks up to Ryosuke. After the battle when Ryosuke returns safely, he was glad that he was doing well despite the car having full of scratches.

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